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Crypto Croissant - April Roundup 🗓️ 😻

Crypto Croissant
Crypto Croissant - April Roundup 🗓️ 😻
By Crypto Croissant • Issue #8 • View online
Dear Readers,
I have good news and bad news…
Bad news: the last issue was sent out exactly a month ago, I was travelling for two weeks with a minimal internet connection and became unwell for the remaining two weeks.
Good news: I’ve compiled a monthly roundup, with all the best news that we’ve seen in this past month, enjoy! As always, I’d appreciate it if you could forward and share with your networks…
Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin SV, who also proclaims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has been under major fire from crypto Twitter, resulting in a #DelistBSV movement, where now Binance, Kraken and others are now delisting.
Brave Browser, based on Chrome, built by the creator of JavaScript with a strong focus on privacy, is now paying its users 70% of its ad revenue in its own cryptocurrency known as Basic Attention Token (BAT).
Bitfinex and Tether, who conveniently share the same CEO, have tried to cover up an $850M loss by Bitfinex, who’s shortfall was funded by Tether. In the latest news by Bitfinex, it’s been revealed that only 74% of Tether is backed by cash, leading the community to believe they’re operating a fractional reserve.
Binance launched its decentralised exchange on its mainnet, known as Binance Chain, which has moved from ERC-20 to BEP-2 to become a native asset, already supported by many wallets. This also had an effect on the price, Binance Coin (BNB) reached an all-time high of $25.39 (CMC), the second cryptocurrency to do so since 2017, the first being EOS in May 2018.
Coinbase issued a visa debit card in the UK, issued by Paysafe and authorised by the FCA, the card allows you to manage your spend by choosing which wallet you’d like to spend from, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Want one? Download the app here.

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